The youngest core member of the team who quite like most of you is also from Gen Z. With experience from working on a multitude of e-commerce projects, ranging from product to services, Adam understands what upcoming generations want, expect and need. He has been in your position and understands the difficulties of launching a business, allowing him to fully relate to your cause.

A driven entrepreneur with a propensity for working in innovative market spaces. His primary focus lays in business planning, marketing and web development.

Although an autodidact, Adam has several qualifications spanning a variety of subjects including Economics, Mathematics, Business & Marketing.

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About Raddal Agency

Raddal is an independent digital marketing & web design agency. Formed by a team of successful entrepreneurs with over 25 years experience. We wanted to replicate our skills and apply our knowledge to businesses that want a no-nonsense approach in the digital world. We know all about Shopify design to Google AdWords and Facebook marketing. We've bootstrapped our own startups and raised VC for our e-commerce businesses. We've won awards for some of our stores. We've managed some of the biggest revenue generating stores on Shopify.